Friday, February 21, 2014

Myspace Security Certificate Fail

I'm not interested in social media, at least not for any of the reasons that most people are. I do enjoy the way sites use social manipulation to hook you into actively using their site. With that in mind, and having heard a great deal about how was being recreatted/rebrandded and how much money they were spending on advertising alone ($20 Million, I believe,) I couldn't help but take a peek. 

And this is what I saw:
I briefly looked at the cert, it looked fine except for the obvious not valid before date was set to the next day. I don't think this was anything malicious, nor an error on my side. For those who don't know, the vast majority of the incidents of this type of error is due to the end user's clock being incorrectly set to a time before the date on the certificate.

I proceeded and everything seemed as you would expect. I have since revisited and looked at the cert, which seems to have been issued years earlier, so my guess is it was just a server misconfiguration. If anyone knows or has a better idea I'd like of know. At the time it wasn't my intent to look into the matter so I didn't research any further.